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We are a friendly family-run poultry breeder and supplier based in Essex, Where we keep free range poultry and waterfowl. Keen to promote the keeping of chickens at home, at the expense of battery farms.


Providers of free range POL Hens/Pullets (pure and hybrid), Ducks, Geese and Table Birds (day-old chicks, ducklings and turkey poults).


Our services include boarding, information and advice and sale of poultry provisions (feed, feeders, drinkers etc.), eating eggs and fertile hatching eggs along with some helpful advice.

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Hatching Eggs

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Good Reason

Most people nowadays realise why supermarkets can sell eggs and chicken so cheaply, because of intensive factory farming. This type of farming system means hens spend their very short lives confined in small cages with lots of other hens. EU law means each hen has 550cm squared floor space (less than a sheet of A4 paper!)

But then nothing beats the taste of your very own freshly laid eggs, and keeping chickens is really fun! They have fantastic little characters, are generally easy to care for, require little maintenance and are just nice to have around

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