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Boarding With Us

Hens In Bed

If it is not convenient to give someone access to your home whilst away, or you       need to arrange bird-sitting urgently or at short-notice, then why not board

your chickens/ducks with us to have a holiday of their own? They will be well

cared for and will stay within a house and run that will be cleaned and disinfected between 'guests'.

Hens/cockerels and ducks are welcome!

      Our prices, which are fully inclusive of feed are as follows:-


Why not have your hens/ducks wormed whilst they stay with us?

We can worm your hens/ducks during their stay for an additional £1 per day, per hen/duck

(7 days treatment)

Includes feed, treats and all care

(all housed together, please contact us for prices

if your hens/ducks require separate houses)

Cockerels can be boarded but need to be notified at time of booking

(Prices for 2023)

  • 1 to 6 birds - £12 per day (not per bird)
  • 7 to 12 birds - £16 per day (not per bird)
  • 13  to 20 birds - £22 per day (not per bird)

PLEASE NOTE that virtually all hens that are kept outdoors will carry the mycoplasma virus that they catch from wild birds. This

virus lays dormant but can SOMETIMES cause symptoms to occur when hens are anxious i.e. being moved to new surroundings

for boarding. Seldom fatal, the signs are some swelling around the sinus and eye area, runny nose etc. Usually these symptoms will clear up over a week or so.


Please see our dedicated leaflet on our site.

Terms & Conditions

Your booking dates are not secured until the required deposit has been paid.

The minimum boarding charge is £45 to cover cleaning of the housing and bedding etc.

Arrival day will be charged at full daily rate, regardless of drop-off time.

Drop/Collect times must be between 10am and 12pm, unless already agreed beforehand.

You will not be charged for the last days' boarding, if collected by 12 noon.

Full payment is to be made between the time of booking and the first day of boarding.

If for some reason you do not collect your hens/ducks on the agreed date, then an additional daily fee of £12 will apply.

Practically speaking we will give your hens/ducks good care, fresh water and quality food throughout their stay BUT WE CANNOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for any death, damage, loss or injury whilst your hens/ducks are boarding with us.

We are sorry that we cannot keep your eggs to return to you over the course of the boarding term, as due to the number of eggs we collect each day, we could not keep them separately.

Your hens/ducks will be fed good quality layers pellets during their stay (which is included in the daily boarding cost) but should you want your hens/ducks to be fed on alternative feed then you will need to supply this. 

The cost is for your  birds to be housed together. If you require seperate housing, then please enquire for price.

We would ask you to check your animals over and treat for mites etc before bringing them.

Any hens/ducks uncollected, after 7 days of the agreed collection date and where no contact has been made, will become our property.

Your booking with us is your agreement to our Terms and Conditions.

We can arrange collection/return of hens/ducks for an additional fee (please contact us for price).

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