Hen Houses

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Hen Houses


Cosycoop in green plastic


We sell plastic hens houses that are far cheaper than Omlet’s famous Eglu but of equally great quality. Both houses are the 'Cosy Coop' model made of plastic so will last for many, many years and will never need painting. The plastic means that red mite have nowhere to live in these coops and also they are very easy to clean and wash.


Available in green (£210) or granite (£200) and comes with an attached run. The granite version is made from recycled plastic which we prefer ourselves and is why it’s slightly cheaper. The attached run is a good size but also has a door at the end so you can let the hens free range when you are around.

Extra run sections (£25), 3 litre drinker (£4) and attachable feeder (£19) can also be purchased .



Both versions have the same size dimensions of:


86cm length x 70cm width x 67cm height with 1.8m run.

Suitable for 2-4 large hens.

Cosycoop in grey plastic