Barling Poultry

Trying to support more people to keep hens at home



Allandoo Pheasantry

Breeders of ornamental and exotic pheasants in Southwest Scotland.


Battery Hen Welfare Trust

Working to inspire a free range future.


Broad Leys Publishing

UK Publishers of poultry and smallholding books.


ChickenTalks Blog

Humorous blog on chicken life, written by chickens for chicken lovers.


Guinea Fowl

Adult guineas, day olds and off heat keets, also hatching eggs.


My Chicken House

An online poultry community.



Established company who's site contains a lot of info.


Poultry T-Shirts

Purchase funky T-Shirts through this company.


Shadowland Ryeland Sheep

Breeders of Pedigree Coloured Ryeland Sheep.


So you think you are buying free range eggs?

An interesting expose on free range eggs.


The Poultry Pages

Offer help and advice to all backgarden poultry keepers with articles, suppliers lists and a large friendly chat forum.


Urban Chickens

Online chicken community