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Poultry Saddles


We are pleased to provide cost-effective poultry saddles for your hens or turkeys.

From early Spring until late Summer, if you have males (Cockerels or Stags) then due to their sexually boisterous behavior, they often tend to damage the hens that they mate with. When the male mounts the female, this is known as 'treading'. The male stands on the back of the female and this is when the damage occurs. The first sign will be feathers disappearing from the hen's back and the back of its head. It is at this stage you need to put a protective saddle on the hen because once the feathers are worn away, the male's weight combined with their feet, claws and spurs will very easily tear the skin on the hen's back.

Hen Saddle

Often in a flock, one or two girls become 'favourites' and receive much more attention from the boys than others and these are the ones most at risk of damage (you rarely need to put a saddle on each hen).

Our aim is to supply the cheapest poultry saddles possible, and if not collected these are sent first class because we understand the urgency with which they are usually needed. For the sake of our environment, our saddles are made from recycled materials, such as clothing, cushion covers, curtains and other thick protective material. This makes each one slightly unique and they are designed to be hard-wearing. Some will be plain, others may have a pattern. They are lined for comfort and are available in small, medium and large sizes (or turkey size).

The saddles are also helpful for birds which are being bullied and picked on, where other hens are feather plucking their backs.


Miniature Poultry Saddle £5.50

For miniature breeds eg: Seramas and Seabrights

Small Poultry Saddle £6.50

For Bantams eg: Pekins & Silkies

Medium Poultry Saddle £7.50

eg: Light Sussex, Rhode Island Reds, Welsummers, Marans

Large Poultry Saddle £8.00 

eg: Orpingtons, Jersey Giants, Brahmas

Turkey Saddle £9.00

(Prices from September 2020)


First Class Recorded UK Postage

£3.95 (1 to 2 saddles)

£6.95 (3 to 5 saddles)

International Postage available to Europe & USA (Other Worldwide, please contact us)

Contact us for details of how to make payment, either online with most credit and debit cards or direct payment via online banking.

Alternatively, you may send a cheque (goods will only be sent upon cheque clearing).